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Significant Weight Loss and Improved Metabolic and Cardiovascular Health reported in Ambra “LOVIDIA Way” Clinical Study. - Ambra BioScience

Significant Weight Loss and Improved Metabolic and Cardiovascular Health reported in Ambra “LOVIDIA Way” Clinical Study.

SAN DIEGO, October 17, 2017 — Ambra BioScience ( ) announced today results from a 13-week, multisite clinical study using Lovidia® Hunger Control Formula (Lovidia) in conjunction with alternate day caloric restriction. The LOVIDIA Way lifestyle study, involving daily use of Lovidia in combination with intermittent caloric restriction resulted in significant weight loss and significant improvements in blood pressure, lipids and glucose control.

Previous clinical studies have shown that the ingredients in Lovidia delivered to the lower gut could increase the release of satiety hormones PYY and GLP-1 following a meal. Additionally, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study with 220 subjects established that Lovidia significantly reduced hunger.

The 52 volunteers who enrolled in the LOVIDIA Way study were randomly assigned to either 1 Lovidia tablet daily (QD) or 1 tablet twice daily (BID) and instructed to restrict their daily caloric intake for 3 non-consecutive days each week for 13 weeks. Subjects visited their clinical trial site for enrollment, mid-study (week 6) and end of study (week 13) visit assessments in addition to once-weekly telephone calls with a clinical trial research pharmacist (CTRP) to report self-measured body weight, and adherence to Lovidia use and calorie restriction days (CRDs).

• Forty-four subjects completed the mid-study clinic visit and 38 completed all 13 weeks. Compliance was high for both Lovidia use (>98%) and for CRDs (>80%).

• Clinic measurements of body weight averaged 3.9% lower after 6 weeks and 6.3% lower after 13 weeks (p<0.0001 versus baseline for both visits).

• In addition to, and likely because of the significant weight loss reported, measures of cardiovascular and metabolic health also improved significantly. For subjects with elevated blood pressure (n=28), blood pressure improved 5.1% (P value = .0104), non-HDL cholesterol dropped 6.4% for all 13-week completers (P value = .0019), HDL cholesterol improved 6.3% (P value = .0019) for those with starting HDL < 50 mg/dL (n=22), Triglycerides for those >150 mg/dL (n=14) improved 23.6% (P value = .0084) and HbA1c improved 5.2% (P value < 0.0001) for all 13-week completers.

“Lovidia is the first commercial product based on Ambra’s multi-patented science of Gut Sensory Modulation (GSM).( ) This technology platform has the potential to produce a wide range of non-drug products that can help people make meaningful improvements in their health and wellness,” said Martin Brown, Ambra’s chief executive officer.

About Lovidia

Control Hunger with Science™

Lovidia® is the first dietary supplement based on the patented science of Gut Sensory Modulation (GSM). Just as the taste buds on your tongue tell you what you’re eating, the food sensors in your digestive system tell you how much you’re eating. Lovidia effectively activates these food sensors to give you the power to avoid overeating and reach your weight loss goals. Lovidia is simple, natural and helps you achieve a healthier you. Our proprietary formula works with your body’s own hunger-control processes to reduce hunger so you feel satisfied with fewer calories and lose weight naturally.

Lovidia is available at the online Lovidia store, on Amazon and through selected healthcare practitioners.

About Ambra BioScience

Ambra is focused on improving our understanding of the complex relationship between nutrition, digestion and health. We use that knowledge to develop dietary supplements and medical foods that deliver meaningful improvements in human health. We use ingredients that work naturally with your body’s own digestive and regulatory processes. Mother Earth provides the ingredients, we apply science to turn those ingredients into dietary supplements and medical foods that improve health.


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