Ambra BioScience is focused on improving our understanding of the complex relationship between nutrition, digestion and health.

We use that knowledge to develop dietary supplements and medical foods that deliver meaningful improvement in human health.


Ambra BioScience LLC – a Research and Development Biotechnology Company


Advancing the Science of Gut Sensory Modulation (GSM)


The gut is the largest endocrine organ in the body. Endocrine organs secrete their hormones directly into the bloodstream in order to affect other organs and biologic systems. The first gut hormones discovered were secretin, gastrin and cholecystokinin but we now recognize a plethora of bioactive peptides and more than 30 gut hormones.

Ambra is focused on the physiologic release of hormones produced by the L-cells in the lower gut. We target the L-cells beyond the stomach where L-cell density is greatest. These cells secrete the hormones GLP-1, PYY and oxyntomodulin in response to food. L-cell hormone secretion is mediated by the sweet, bitter and umami taste receptors that are located on the luminal side of the L-cells. Via the bloodstream, these hormones reach the brain and other organs to affect hunger, satiety, glucose regulation, inflammatory response and mood.

Gut Sensory Modulation (GSM), Ambra’s Platform Technology, leverages the physiologic release of L-cell hormones.

Bringing Gut Sensory Modulation to Market

After six years and more than $20 million in development, Ambra BioScience has created an IP portfolio based on the delivery of sweet, bitter, and umami ingredients (tastants) beyond the stomach in time-released fashion. The tastants are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), non-stimulatory and non-nutritive. Ambra has successfully developed its first commercial GSM-based product called Lovidia. Lovidia is a tableted dietary supplement that activates the L-cell taste receptors in the lower gut. To arrive at the commercial formulation, Ambra tested various tastants on more than 1,000 clinical study participants. A confirmatory, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study involving 220 test subjects from 23 states verified that the commercial formulation is effective (p=0.02) for hunger control.

A Natural Approach to Better Health

We use ingredients that work naturally with your body’s own digestive and regulatory processes. Mother Earth provides the ingredients, we apply science to turn those ingredients into dietary supplements and medical foods that improve your health.


LOVIDIA® is the first dietary supplement based on the

patented science of Gut Sensory Modulation (GSM)

Based on years of research into the biological mechanisms that drive us to overeat, Lovidia uses a patented mode of action to activate food sensors in your digestive system that control hunger.

Just as the taste buds on your tongue tell you what you’re eating, the food sensors in your digestive system tell you how much you’re eating. Lovidia effectively activates these food sensors ― your body’s own natural hunger-control switch ― to give you the power to avoid overeating.


Control Hunger with Science™

Lovidia is simple, natural and helps you achieve a healthier you.

Lovidia gives you the power to avoid overeating and reach your weight loss goals.  Our proprietary formula works with your body’s own hunger-control processes to reduce hunger so you feel satisfied with fewer calories and lose weight naturally.


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Ambra's Leadership

Martin Brown, Chief Executive Officer

Martin Brown is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Ambra BioScience LLC.  He also serves as Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations for Elcelyx Therapeutics, Inc., a position he has held since March 2010.  Marty is a co-founder of Elcelyx.  Previously, Marty was an executive officer and Senior Vice President at Amylin Pharmaceuticals where he served as head of Human Resources, Corporate Services and Operations. Prior to Amylin, he served as Director, Information Technology, Europe, for Eli Lilly and Company, based in London.  Prior to that, Marty was responsible for worldwide information technology for Lilly’s Medical Device Division. Marty is a member of Boards of Directors of Clinical Supplies Management, Inc. and FP Complete, Inc. He is also a founding Board member of Equinox Center, an environmentally focused non-profit in San Diego.

Mr. Brown received a B.S. in Commerce and Engineering and an MBA in Operations Research from Drexel University.

Clegg Hubbell, Chief Operating Officer

Clegg Hubbell is the Chief Operating Officer of Ambra BioScience LLC. Prior to joining Ambra he served as the Chief Operating Officer of SGN Nutrition LLC, a leading dietary supplement company with national distribution in major retailers including Costco, Sam’s Club, CVS, and The Vitamin Shoppe. While at SGN Nutrition he implemented 22 consumer packaged goods (CPG) for the club, mass, and natural channels including private label store brand products for CVS. He developed a national sales and sampling team, a quality assurance department, and an in-house manufacturing division. Prior to SGN Nutrition, he consulted with multiple small to mid-sized companies providing management consultingand business strategies and was the founder of Zone Development, Inc. a software development company.

Clegg received his BA from the University of California, Los Angeles and an MBA from San Diego State University.

Dr. Kim Chen, PhD, Clinical Research

Dr. Chen is the clinical development lead for Ambra BioScience LLC.  He brings more than 22 years of preclinical and clinical research experience in the pharmaceutical industry mainly in the fields of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.  Kim’s industry experience includes positions at Hoest Marion Roussel (now Sanofi), Amylin Pharmaceuticals, and Elcelyx Therapeutics.  Prior to working in industry, Kim spent eight years conducting academic research in the fields of metabolism and hormone signal transduction at the Enzyme Institute, University of Wisconsin, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, and at Boston University School of Medicine.

Kim received his PhD and B Sc (Hons) from the University of Wisconsin and University of Birmingham (UK), respectively.


Jeffrey Campbell, Marketing

Jeffrey leads Ambra BioScience’s marketing efforts and is a senior level executive who brings 20 years of hands on Direct Marketing and Direct Response experience. Additionally, Jeff is an advisor to UFC FIT, the direct to consumer division of the gym and fitness business entity. Prior to joining UFC FIT, Jeff served as the Executive Vice President at Intelligent Beauty where he oversaw customer acquisition and retention. Under his guidance, the brand grew from $35MM in revenue to $180MM in revenue in 3 years. Jeff also served as the Chief Operations Officer for Dermacia, Inc., a leading cosmeceutical company based in Southern California. Prior positions include, President of UltraConversions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intermix Media (previously eUniverse) and Chief Operations Officer for US Capital.

Jeff received his BA from the University of California, Berkeley, and was awarded his MBA from the University of California Los Angeles.


Tamara S. Sofi, Channel Strategy

Tamara leads Ambra BioScience’s Channel Strategy efforts and brings over 30 years of hands on experience. Tamara grew up in the family business of pharmaceutical market research and competitive strategy, cutting her teeth on such projects as Nolvadex/Tamoxifen and Xerox Radiography. Prior to joining Ambra, Tamara successfully grew two sales territories for international health professional brand Designs for Health and served as Vice President of Marketing for Top 30 MLM Cosway. During her tenure at Cosway, Tamara was responsible for product sourcing, product positioning, compliance and training, and launched Country Farm Organics. Prior to that Tamara worked for Venture Capital Group Cal Tech Ventures. A practicing nutritionist in the human and equine arenas, Tamara is a member of the American College of Nutrition.

Tamara received her BA from the University of California, San Diego, graduated with highest honors in General Litigation from University of San Diego, and holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition with honors.

Mark J. Tager, MD, Medical Communication

Dr. Tager specializes in communicating complicated science-related information to both healthcare professionals and consumers. In addition to the nutraceutical space, he has worked on messaging for clients in medical devices, regenerative medicine, clinical laboratories, cosmeceuticals and biotech. He trains physicians in communication skills both in person and on camera. He has served as founding marketing director for the Fraxel™ laser, and as CMO for Syneron. Previously, he built and sold a healthcare publishing company to Times Mirror, and served as Director of Health Promotion for Kaiser Permanente in Oregon. He is the author or co-author of nine books, numerous articles, and dozens of educational videos. He is a frequent speaker at national and international health conferences. Dr. Tager received his undergraduate and medical degrees from Duke University and trained in family practice at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Lebovitz currently serves as CEO of Skincential Sciences, which produces novel and proprietary products for esthetics professionals. Russ has been a serial entrepreneur and active investor and has founded and/or provided seed funds for companies including Skincential Sciences, Amprion, Marval BioSciences, Eden Therapeutics AbbyMed and Imagnx. He served as President of C-Sixty, a nanotechnology company based on the intellectually property of Richard Smalley (winner of the Nobel Prize) and has managed global projects for a number of Fortune 100 technology companies including Royal Dutch Shell, Enron, ABB, SprintNextel, AT&T Wireless, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Compaq/HP, King Pharmaceuticals, and JPMorganChase. Prior to these roles, Russ worked for over 15 years as a successful senior scientist and research physician in a variety of academic settings.

Russ completed undergraduate studies at University of Michigan (Phi Beta Kappa), received his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from Washington University in St. Louis and completed post-graduate biomedical training at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto, Baylor College of Medicine and Washington University. Russ also served on the faculty of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and The Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. Russ currently serves on the Board of Directors for Skincential Sciences, Amprion (Chairman), AbbyMed and FP Complete.

Dr. Fujioka is currently Director of the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center and the Center for Weight Management at Scripps Clinic in the department of Diabetes and Endocrinology. He spends his mornings doing clinical research and the afternoon runs the Center for Weight Management. The Center was started 20 years ago by Dr. Fujioka and now sees over a 1000 patients per month.

Dr. Fujioka has authored over 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals on weight management and related comorbid disease. He has participated as a PI on over 100 clinical trials and sub PI on numerous NIH grants. He has authored a comprehensive standard of care for the California State Medical board (1997) on obesity treatment and lectured to numerous political groups on obesity treatments. Dr. Fujioka earned his medical degree from the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, in Honolulu, where he also completed his internship and residency training. His postgraduate training continued at the University of Southern California Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Dr. Fineman graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Microbiology (Clinical Chemistry emphasis) and received Master’s of Science and Master’s of Advanced Studies degrees in Molecular Pathology and Clinical Research from the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Fineman received a PhD in medicine at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Mark Fineman joined Elcelyx as Vice President Development and has been Senior Vice President, R&D since early 2013. He was formerly Senior Director, Medical Development and Strategic Relations at Amylin Pharmaceuticals. During his 21year tenure at Amylin, he held various leadership positions in Medical Development, Clinical Pharmacology/Translational Medicine and Medical Affairs. Dr. Fineman was the Development Core Team leader for Byetta® (exenatide for treatment of type 2 diabetes) through US and European market authorization. He was also responsible for Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at Psylin Neurosciences, Inc., a virtual biotech company spun out of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and PsychoGenics Inc. to evaluate peptide hormones for the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Dr. Fineman has authored over 40 original publications and is an inventor on several patents.

Dr. Fineman graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Microbiology (Clinical Chemistry emphasis) and received Master’s of Science and Master’s of Advanced Studies degrees in Molecular Pathology and Clinical Research from the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Fineman received a PhD in medicine at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Alain Baron is President and CEO of Elcelyx Therapeutics, a position he has held since 2010. Dr. Baron is also a Venture Partner at Lightstone Ventures, and held the role of Entrepreneur-in-Residence at its predecessor Morgenthaler Ventures, which he joined in 2008. Prior to joining Morgenthaler, he was Senior Vice President of Research at Amylin Pharmaceuticals where he served in senior roles in R&D. Previously, Dr. Baron worked at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, where he served as Professor of Medicine and Director, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism. He has also held faculty positions in the Division of endocrinology and Metabolism at University of California, San Diego, and the Veterans Administration Medical Center in San Diego. He is the recipient of several prestigious awards for his research in diabetes and vascular disease, including the 1996 Outstanding Clinical Investigator Award from the American Federation for Medical Research. He is also a past National Institutes of Health MERIT award recipient.

Dr. Baron is co-editor of the Ellenberg & Rifkin Textbook of Diabetes, has authored over 100 original publications and is an inventor on more than 40 patents. Dr. Baron graduated from McGill University, Canada (B.S. in Biology with honors) and the Medical College of Georgia Augusta (MD). Postdoctoral studies were completed at the University of California, San Diego.

Dr. Anegawa is the founder of OSR Weight Management-Hawaiʻi Metabolic Medicine, an obesity-focused specialty care practice. She also serves as Clerkship Director for the Department of Medicine of the University of Hawaiʻi where she oversees all student education and performs clinical care and teaching. In this role, she is working with the American Society of Bariatric Physicians’ Curriculum Committee to create the first nationally-standardized obesity course of study for medical students and residents. Linda has 13 years of clinical practice experience in academic primary care and obesity-focused specialty clinics and was formerly on clinical faculty at Stanford. Dr. Anegawa consults for multiple start-up companies on the use of novel technologies in obesity-related medical education and improving patient access to care.

Dr. Anegawa is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine where she also received an M.S. in Pharmacology. Dr. Anegawa then completed her Internal Medicine residency at Stanford University. She is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine, and is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians.

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